Vanguardia Comunicación


Vanguardia Comunicación is comprised of a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting group of professionals with over 20 years of senior-level experience in communications, journalism, social media, design and public affairs. It has advised important public institutions, trade associations, private companies and political figures since its creation in 2008.

We provide integrated consulting services that respond to our clients’ communications needs with regard to their environment, the authorities, social networks and with the communications media. Our goal is to give a strategic vision of the challenges and opportunities that they face, providing them with concrete tools so their messages can be heard and their images strengthened.

Vanguardia Comunicación has extensive experience in crisis management, media training, the creation of communications strategies, press analysis and the drafting of documents.


Media management
We know how each media outlet operates and we dedicate ourselves to gaining in-depth knowledge on each client. That allows us to act as a bridge between the media and companies or institutions, identifying communicational opportunities that help us to position them positively, exploring novelties and issues that make companies an effective source of news stories.

Public affairs
We have the experience, sensitivity and information to establish direct and informed contact with important institutions or people from the public arena. We offer legislative monitoring, following the progress status of bills under debate that are of interest to clients.

Crisis management
We create diverse strategies to deal with the aspects of an eventual crisis, to reduce its impact and to minimize the effects on the affected parties. This entails preparing spokespeople in communications skills and the definition of messages and an appropriate strategy for dealing with a crisis, among others.

Social media
We have a team with vast experience in the creation of communications strategies for social networks, the construction and management of digital images, viralization of contents and monitoring of Twitter and Facebook.

Training of spokespeople
We evaluate positions and profiles within the company and identify those who should act as its spokespeople to represent it appropriately before the media. Once the spokespeople have been determined we provide training in the form of practical and theoretical workshops to develop communications skills.

Internal communications
We analyze the structure of each company to detect shortcomings, needs and opportunities that allow the internal flow of information to be improved, to increase employees’ commitment to their company and to make internal processes more efficient.

Analysis of current events
We draft documents with political, economic and sectoral analysis of national and international current affairs in accordance with each client’s interests.

Community relations
We have ample experience working on clients’ ties to their environments, allowing companies to be positioned as important factors in the development of the territories they operate in. To do this, we work in the field and in direct contact with diverse stakeholders, such as political and local authorities and community leaders.

Written and audiovisual editorial services
We work in alliance with a group of professional journalists, designers and photographers with over 20 years of experience in communications projects, such as large-scale journalism books, the annual reports of companies and institutions, biographical records, catalogues and brochures, among others.

News clipping
We provide a daily news clipping service that is customized to meet the needs of each company and contains the news pertaining to the industry and related sectors of interest for each of our clients. 


Financial sector
Vanguardia Comunicación has advised banks – national as well as foreign – in their installation in Chile and in their presentation to the authorities, the communications media and public opinion. Our work has consisted in turning them into important actors in the national financial market and in communication with their stakeholders.

Public sector
Vanguardia Comunicación has worked with ministries, municipalities and public institutions on their relationship with the communications media and with their target audiences. To this end, we have provided the services of social network strategy, spokesperson training, the drafting of key messages and crisis management.

Political sector
Vanguardia Comunicación has developed political communications campaigns for diverse congressional and municipal candidates.

Energy sector
Vanguardia Comunicación has advised hydroelectric power plants, a particularly sensitive area in Chile. To this end, we have developed strategies for the management of the national and regional media, monitoring of social networks and corporate social responsibility and community relations plans.

Business associations
Vanguardia Comunicación has worked with business associations and federations in different sectors on their relations with the press, the management of political-communicational crises, the drafting of key messages and digital strategies. The goal has been to position them as influential voices in the debates that affect their industries.

Tourism sector
Vanguardia Comunicación has developed campaigns to promote hotels, tourist associations and boutique travel agencies. To this end, we have coordinated trips to Chile by journalists from different places around the world.

Commercial sector
Vanguardia Comunicación has advised retail companies to publicize their services and products in the communications media and social networks.

Education sector
Vanguardia Comunicación has worked with universities, university preparatory institutes and schools in their publicity campaigns, recruitment, and the management of internal and external crises.


Claudia Giner
A founding partner of Vanguardia Comunicación and a journalist, she has been in charge of elaborating and implementing communications and public affairs strategies for the Association of Public Works Infrastructure Concessionaires (Copsa), the Pedro de Valdivia Education Network, the Ministry of National Assets and the Chamber of Deputies, among others. Giner has developed CSR strategies and community work projects for hydroelectric companies. In the political arena, she has also advised several legislators and mayors.

Juan Cristóbal Villalobos
A founding partner of Vanguardia Comunicación and a journalist, he holds a master’s degree in public communication (American University, USA) and a master’s degree in international communication (University of Leeds, England). He has worked as a political and economic reporter for La Tercera, the magazine Qué Pasa and the magazine Cosas. Villalobos has, among others, advised the Chilean Association of Savings Associations, the Federation of Tourism Companies (Fedetur) and the Association of Diplomatic Officials (Adica).